Just the right side of 40, just the wrong side of ‘right in the head’. 

I started life as a member of a local cycling club at the age of 11-12. I harboured illusions of grandeur until I entered by first cross country race and was blasted out of the water. Not to worry, maybe it was just my technical mountain biking skills, this was disproved at the local time trials where I found out I was mid-pack at best.

Competitive? Me? No….


Years passed and the time I could spend cycling seemed to disappear, as a result I dipped my toes into running in my mid thirties and ironically turned out to be a better runner than cyclist. With a bit of hard I was able to pull out top 5% finishes and the odd fluke win. It also turned out the cycling may have paid off when it came to endurance for ultra marathons, a welcome benefit as I enjoyed spending more time on my feet!

So why bother starting this site and filling it with my random nonsense? Because ‘opinions are like assholes and everyone has got one’, so I may as well too!



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