Back home post race with a heavy heart…

The 2018 Maverick Dark Dorset, the final race in our club championship and the first race where I’ve asked to be disqualified from the results.


Maverick Race are a great event organiser based in the South West (of the UK) and the Dark Dorset was part of Bridport Runners club championship, therefore I was geared up and hoping for a strong run.

The drive over was an inauspicious start, with horizontal rain and standing water on the roads BUT come race time the skies were clear and the wind had dropped. Rule one of racing is that you shouldn’t expect luck to be on your side, therefore the wind and rain returned half way into the race and took that smug smile off of my face.

For 8.7 miles I gave it everything, racing the dark water logged forestry tracks of Wareham forest and enjoying it hugely despite the effort. Then the finish line approached and it was over.

It just turns out it was over a little too soon! I crossed the line in 3rd a few seconds behind the guy I’d been following and the race leader, that’s when the puzzled looks started:

‘Wasn’t this supposed to be closer to 10 miles?’

‘I didn’t see you guys come past me?’

‘Are you sure you went the right way?’

It turns out we missed a left hand turn less than a mile from the finish but didn’t realise as we were back on the course after a few hundred metres. Moral of the story, if you’re racing in the dark then keep your eyes open!

What was strange was the massive sense of deflation I felt after I informed the race director and realised that I wouldn’t get an overall placing in the results, by my calculation I was standing a fair shout for 5th or 6th. My life didn’t depend on completing this race, there wasn’t prize money riding on it NOR did this stop me from having a great night out racing in the dark YET I felt I’d given everything for nothing.

So if you’re wondering whether I’ve got a competitive streak… It would appear the answer is a resounding YES!


You ran all that way for nothing?

That’s the big unanswered question in running isn’t it…

Happy running


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